AS NEW 20' HIGH CUBE Containers

As New 20' High Cube modular containers give you more height, which equals more cubic capacity to fit more than a standard storage unit.

Weather, dust, vermin, wind & Waterproof

Containers are equipped with heavy duty rubber door seals that keep water, vermin and dust out.

as large as a single car garage @ 37m³

Better Value for Bigger Volume

Won't be beaten on price

The best prices for new and used containers.


AS NEW Quality Containers

Trade Space 24 Seven’s Sales Shipping Container Fleet are the newest High Cubes on the market. 

All our 20′ High Cube shipping containers are AS NEW One Way trippers. While similar to standard, general purpose shipping containers with the same strength, security and durability, a High Cube shipping container offers the extra height – a sizeable ONE FOOT extra or approximately 4m3 more capacity.  This makes them an excellent alternative when requiring extra height for tall goods or more room to stack cargo or storage items. 

Shipping containers, whether new or used, can be repurposed and transformed or modified into an endless variety of functional and even livable spaces, making them ideal for any commercial, industrial or residential application.

Any business or individual needing temporary storage space will benefit greatly from these durable and affordable units. From archiving of documents to chemical storage to storing of plant and machinery, shipping containers are essentially secure and versatile and great value for money.

  • Wind & Watertight
  • Vermin & Dust Proof
  • Solid Steel Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • Full 270 Degree Opening Doors
  • Marine Grade Timber Ply Flooring
  • Heavy Rubber Door Seals
  • Strong & Secure Locking Doors
  • Lock Shrouds for added Security
  • Added Vents for excellent Ventilation
  • Easy Opening Handles
  • Transportable 

Affordable Container Sales

High Cube shipping containers are a purpose built solution that are not only secure and durable, but very cost effective.  As an added bonus, shipping containers are a very saleable and sought after item should you no longer require them.


So call Trade Space 24 Seven today, your partners in business, on 0419 788 177 and talk to us about how we can tailor a Business and Commercial Storage solution for you.


Better value for bigger volume


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